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The Session class helps you handle session items and flash messages.

Interacting with session

You can use the set()get() and has() methods to interact with session items.

Session::set('hello', 'world');
  echo Session::get('hello');

The above script will output this:


Flash messages

You can use the flash() method to deal with flash messages. Flash messages will be available via the get() method only in the next request.

Session::flash('You have one message!');

You can also specify the type of the message:

Session::flash('Unexpected error!', 'error');

The available options are: messageerrorinfo and warning.

Accessing Session in the views

An instance of Session is available globally in all twig templates rendered by Alter.

{% if session->has('message') %}
{{ session->get('message') }}
{% endif %}


The URL class helps you to get URLs for your routes. An instance of URL is available globally for all twig views rendered by Alter:

<a href="{{ url->to('/') }}">Home</a>

You can also create more complex URLs passing attributes:

<a href="{{ url->to('/hello/:name/:age', 'Sergio, '23') }}">Hello!</a>

This code above will generate the following output:

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