ROUTEGENIE Powerful software for non-emergency medical transportation providers

Non-Emergency Medical Transportation is an essential solution and incredibly helpful service for individuals who are otherwise unable to get to their healthcare appointments. These individuals may need a specific type of vehicle with wheelchair or stretcher and may require a medical attendant who can help transport the patient safely. 

Medicaid beneficiaries often delay or miss medical care because they lack affordable or available non-emergency transportation to medical appointments. And a stable NEMT service can solve this problem offering safe, reliable and efficient transportation of the consumers.

As a software company specializing in transportation solutions, RouteGenie helps NEMT companies to ease such procedures as proper dispatching, scheduling, routing, and billing. Receiving reliable NEMT software assistance you may rest assured that your clients are in good hands.

Providers’ workdays can be stressful: vehicle breakdowns, between trip changes, traffic jams, driver call-offs, and no-shows, NEMT providers have a lot of obstacles to overcome. RouteGenie software automatically makes dispatching decisions and multi-loading rides in real-time. Our Driver app will help limit the costs associated with the drivers and vehicles by routing the trips more efficiently.

Passengers and payers demand more transparency from transportation companies. You will be able to satisfy their needs with the RouteGenie Customer app.

RouteGenie paratransit software is HIPAA-compliant. It is a single-source solution that satisfies all needs and demands of NEMT companies. We believe in helping transportation companies, whether they are newly established or looking to improve on the system already in place. From the implementation process, throughout continued support, we ensure our software meets the unique needs of each of our customers. Our software is comprehensive and adjustable per individual business needs, it will optimize all the processes and streamline the overall workflow.

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