Retrieving and Saving data


Alter offers a simple and powerful API to retrieve data. Let’s supose that you have this Car model:

use Hero\Core\Model;
class Car extends Model {

  public $fields = [

    'title' => true
    'thumbnail' => true,

    'gallery' => [
      'type' => 'image',
      'label' => 'Gallery',
      'multiple' => true

    'year' => [
      'type' => 'int',
      'label' => 'Year'



You can just call:

$cars = Car::all(); // Array of Cars

And access the model fields:

foreach(Car:all() as $car){

  echo $car->title;
  echo $car->year;

  foreach($car->gallery as $photo){
    echo $photo->thumbnail;


Model methods


Retrieves an array with all items


  • $options: Array of WP_Query arguments

Retrieves an array of items


  • $slug: String

Retrives an item matching the slug passed as argument

findByTaxonomy($taxonomy, $term, $limit)

  • $taxonomy: String
  • $term: String
  • $limit: Integer (optional)

Retrieves an array of items matching the passed taxonomy and term

paginate($limit, $offset)

  • $limit: Integer (optional)
  • $offset: Integer (optional)

Returns an paginated array of items

$cars = Car::paginate();

paginateWithOptions($options, $limit, $offset)

  • $options: Array of WP_Query arguments
  • $limit: Integer (optional)
  • $offset: Integer (optional)

Returns an paginated array of items

query($fields, $options)

  • $fields: String|Array
  • $options: Array of WP_Query arguments

Queries in same way as the find() method but specifying which fields should be returned in the Model object.

The $fields parameter should be an array of fields, which some of them could be grouped by an alias:

  • post for the default WordPress object (title, guid, etc)
  • author: Returns all the Author object
  • taxonomies: Returns all the taxonomies
  • relations: Returns all the relations (belongs_to and has_many)
  • children: Returns all the children pages (in case of the Page post type)

Automagic find() methods

Alter allows you to use automagic find() methods according to you custom fields.

$cars = Car::findByYear(2015);

This method will search all the cars that have the custom fields year with the 2015 value.


With Alter you can also save data.

Just intantiate your model:

$car = new Car();

Add some data:

$car->color = "blue";
$car->title = "Cobra";

And save!


With the object saved, you can now access the ID:

echo $car->id;

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