Large Abstract Paintings Can Be Your Next Choice

There are a large number of artists who nowadays are interested in the medium of large abstract paintings. A large abstract painting is considered as a form of art that is able to portray an idea, or a theme, in such a way that it inspires the viewer to ponder on what the artist has produced. These paintings are usually produced in canvas format, but there are some who prefer to use watercolors for this particular genre of canvas art.

Create your website using VPS Hosting

VPS hosting lies in the middle between shared hosting and dedicated hosting. Hosting a Virtual Private Server is cheaper than renting a traditional dedicated server. At the same time, with VPS you can get extra memory as and when you require it, besides it has a custom configuration option, you can run your operating system.

Dashboard customization

Using Alter you can customize the menu labels on WordPress dashboard: use Hero\Core\Model; class Car extends Model { public $labels = [“Car”, “Cars”]; } You can also customize the icon that will appear on WordPress dashboard: use Hero\Core\Model; class Car extends Model { public $icon = “dashicons-admin-home”; } Alter uses the WordPress Dashicons.


Seeding Alter includes a simple method for seeding your database using Seed classes. All seed classes must be stored at /seed directory. Seed classes may have any name you wish, but probably should follow some sensible convention, such as CarSeeder, etc. All seed classes must implement Hero\Core\Seeder interface, the run() method will be called during the seed process. Writing Seeders To generate


You can also register taxonomies using Alter: use use Hero\Core\Taxonomy; Taxonomy::register(‘city’, ‘City’, ‘Cities’); Taxonomy::register(‘province’, ‘Province’, ‘Provinces’); Linking to models And you can easily link taxonomies to models: use use Hero\Core\Model; class CarModel extends Model { public $taxonomies = [‘car_type’, ‘car_color’]; }