VPS Hosting for Websites

Shared hosting and VPS hosting — both meet the same end goal, ensuring you have a site live on the Internet. But if your online business is expanding fast and you need more power and freedom to administer your server you should consider VPS — Virtual Private Server. VPS answers the problem of limited resources.

Setting model fields

Alter has built in support to WordPress default fields such as title and thumbnail, you just need to set to true using the $fields attribute. use Hero\Core\Model; class Car extends Model { public $fields = [ ‘title’ => true, ‘thumbnail’ => true ]; } Custom fields Alter allows you to use custom fields in your model: public


Use the request object’s getBody() method to fetch the raw HTTP request body sent by the HTTP client. This is particularly useful for applications that consume JSON or XML requests. Route::get(‘/hello/:name’, function(){ $body = $this->request->getBody(); }); How to Deal with Content-Types By default Alter does not parse any other content-type other than the standard form data because

Benefits of VPS Server Hosting

If you are looking for a better way of doing business and need a reliable and economical way of computing, then VPS or Virtual Private Server Hosting is the option for you. A virtual private server hosting is a server provided by an Internet-based web hosting service that partitions on one physical server on the