View Helpers


The Session class helps you handle session items and flash messages.

Interacting with session

You can use the set(), get() and has() methods to interact with session items.

Session::set('hello', 'world');
  echo Session::get('hello');

The above script will output this:


Flash messages

You can use the flash() method to deal with flash messages. Flash messages will be available via the get() method only in the next request.

Session::flash('You have one message!');

You can also specify the type of the message:

Session::flash('Unexpected error!', 'error');

The available options are: message, error, info and warning.

Accessing Session in the views

An instance of Session is available globally in all twig templates rendered by Alter.

{% if session->has('message') %}
{{ session->get('message') }}
{% endif %}


The URL class helps you to get URLs for your routes. An instance of URL is available globally for all twig views rendered by Alter:

<a href="{{'/') }}">Home</a>

You can also create more complex URLs passing attributes:

<a href="{{'/hello/:name/:age', 'Sergio, '23') }}">Hello!</a>

This code above will generate the following output:
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